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Elementary school in Japan: part one: mochimono (things to bring)

My son Aiden started elementary school this April. He goes to a local public school, the same school that his daddy, uncles and aunt went to, and currently 3 of his cousins attend too!
In Japan, kids start elementary school in April, (when they are 6 years old on April 1st of that year). Aiden turned 7 the day elementary school began, so he is the oldest in his class. The first month of school is very busy for parents and caregivers but not so much for kids! For those kids who have previously attended Japanese kindergarten (youchien) or daycare (hoikuen), the very short days and easy pace are a bit of a surprise. For the first couple of weeks, first graders walk to school (with older friends, siblings, neighborhood kids, or sometimes parents) spend a few hours at school, and then walk home. These first few weeks are about learning the routine and getting to know their classmates, the classroom environment and their new school.

Kids come home with bags full of newsletters, questionnair…