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Eating out with kids in Japan

Most restaurants in Japan welcome children and are usually well set up to cater for them. With the exception of bars, pubs (izakaya) and expensive formal establishments, I have never felt uncomfortable eating out with my children.
When entering a restaurant you’ll probably be asked for the number of people in your group “nan mei sama desu ka?” And if you’d like to be seated in the smoking or non-smoking section (if they have them). If you smoke you can say “kitsuen desu”, if you don’t “kinen seki desu” or “kinen desu”.
You might be offered a high chair or “kodomo isu” and most servers will bring water for the table (often in a plastic cup or with a straw for your child).
If you don’t order a special meal for your child and he/she will be sharing with you, you can ask for a small plate “torizara kudasai”.
Many restaurants have a smaller serving of food available for children. This special meal will sometimes be called a kids plate; written like this “キッズプレート”, a kids set “キッズセット” or a kids …