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Books I’ll be buying for my little girl

While I think it is very important for girls (and boys) to hear and read stories of make-believe, princesses in tall towers, knights battling dragons, books about families with mums who stay home and dads who work and little girls who want to grow up and become ballerinas, florists, actresses and nannies ... come on! It’s 2017 and little girls ALSO need to hear about women who didn’t do anything that was “expected” of them, women who created, invented, broke molds and glass ceilings, girls who slayed dragons and played in the mud with frogs!!

I’m really excited to read these books (and more) to Emily as she grows up...
Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Rosie Revere, Engineer

Women In Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World

Girls Think of Everything

The “little people; big dreams” series with books like...

Rosa Parks

Coco Chanel And Marie Curie Ada Twist, Scientist Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World

Baby food in Japan

Emily started eating solid foods soon after her 6 month birthday, and things have been going very smoothly since then.

She typically eats 2-3 meals and one snack each day (now that she is 8 1/2 months old).

The move to baby food (from only breastmilk or formula) in Japan is similar to that in other countries (perhaps a little later as most mums wait until the baby is 6mo), but some of the food is a bit different. 

Let me share my experiences with you...

Most babies in Japan start solid food with okayu (soft, watery rice porridge) which is easy to swallow and digest. 

You can buy okayu ready-made, or in powdered form, but most mums/dads add water to their family rice and prepare it that way. Most rice cookers have an okayu (おかゆ) function if you will be making a larger batch.

This type of product (around 1,000yen) allows you to change regular cooked white rice to okayu in your microwave.

Prepackaged (powdered) okayu looks like this...
Or you can buy it in a jar like this...

If you prefer to star…

2017 Christmas Book Wishlist

Since the addition of a wee girl to our family, our house is now overflowing with toys... I have adopted the popular `want, need, wear, read` system this year to see if it helps! 

Do you know it? Instead of just buying `stuff` for the kids, each person chooses something that the kids want/need/can wear/can read to make the gifts more meaningful!

Since we have grandparents and other relatives all over the world who love gift-giving, I hope this will be useful for them too!

These are some of the books I have put on our Christmas book wishlist for 2017...

The giant jumperee - by Julia Donalson, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury

I am Jim Henson - by Brad Meltzer, illustrated by Christopher Eliopoulos

I am Jane Goodall - by Brad Meltzer, illustrated by Christopher Eliopoulos

Samson - the Piranha who went to dinner - by Tadgh Bentley
Not quite narwhal - by Jessie Sima

A perfect day - by Lane Smith

We`re all wonders - by R.J. Palacio

... and Jedi Academy - by Jeffrey Brown

For halloween this year, Aiden Emi…