Starbucks Japan introduces almond milk beverages (for a limited time)

Starbucks Japan will be offering two new beverages made from almond milk this fall. They are limited edition items starting from October 2nd.

"Almond Milk & Granola Frappuccino" (Tall / 580 yen)

This drink is made from almond milk, decaf iced coffee, almond sauce, orange powder, and granola with chocolate chips. The flavor of the nutty almond milk and coffee blend together so well. The granola even enhances the flavor, and it also adds a crunchy texture.

"Nutty Almond Milk Latte" (Tall / 440 yen, Grande / 480 yen, Venti / 520 yen)

The Starbucks espresso is well balanced with almond milk. It is creamier and has a nuttier flavor than the regular latte. It is topped with the crunchy "almond oats sugar" and orange peels which adds a kick to the drink. It is available both hot and iced.

Some other drinks can also be customized with almond milk.

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