Baby Emily : seven months old

Time has just flown by!
Emily was born in February, and she’s already seven months old!!

What’s she doing his month?
- she is able to get around the room by sliding on her stomach and doing a kind of army crawl
- she can get up on all fours and rock back and forward so “real crawling” isn’t far off
- she is babbling a lot, laughing out loud and squealing when happy
- she has pullled herself up to stand a handful of times but is over confident and lets go... only to fall down flat
- she can now sit up from a laying down position 
- her bottom two teeth are coming through

So with all of these new skills, plus the discomfort of teething, sleep has taken a change for the worse.

As well as waking 457 times through the night, she wants to nurse to sleep during the day and night too.

Exhausted would be an understatement!

Lucky she’s cute...

Fran xx

- pink hoody from Baby Gap (
- grey tutu skirt (with leggings) from Rock Your Baby (

* not a sponsored post, just a shout out to some awesome brands!


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