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Look Fantastic Beauty Box (October 2017)

I got my first Look FantasticBeauty Box (ルックファンタスティックビューティボックス) in the Mail today!

Check out what I got...

Every beauty box comes with an Elle magazine! Just buying one of these in Japan would set you back 1,000yen so its already a great deal! Riri on the cover ❤️!

This is a small magazine/pamphlet with information about the products as well as the monthly theme and other stuff too (this month’s booklet has some info on ways to indulge!)

This month’s quote is nourish to flourish! This is super meaningful in my life right now as I have been neglecting myself (emotionally and physically) as the mama of a new baby. Sleep deprivation is used as torture in some countries and I can see why... zzzzz!

Monu Firming Fiji Facial OilThis is a small trial bottle of facial oil. A blend of rosewood oil and patchouli provide essential protection to soothe dry skin and stimulate your complexion. Bean Body Coffee Bean ScrubI love body scrubs so I can’t wait to use this one on a …

October iHerb haul

Here’s what came from iHerb this month...

The rosewater, glycolic acid cream and the rescue pastilles are repeat orders (some of my absolute favorites) and the food products are first time orders. I want to make bliss balls but shredded coconut is hard to find in Japan.
Bob's Red Mill, Fine Macaroon Coconut, Unsweetened, 12 oz (340 g)
Heritage Store, Rosewater, Rose Petals, 8 fl oz (240 ml)
Reviva Labs, 10% Glycolic Acid Cream, 1.5 oz (42 g)
Bach, Original Flower Remedies, Rescue Pastilles, Natural Stress Relief, Black Currant Flavor, 1.7 oz (50 g) Pastilles
Nurture Inc. (Happy Baby), Happytot, Fruit and Veggie Blend, Plus, Kale, Apple & Mango, 4.22 oz (120 g)
Ella's Kitchen, The Purple One, Squished Smoothie Fruits, 3.0 oz (85 g)
Ella's Kitchen, The Red One, Squished Smoothie Fruits, 3 oz (85 g)
Ella's Kitchen, The Green One, Squished Smoothie Fruits, 3 oz (85 g)
iHerb currently has a promotion on shipping to Japan; free shipping on all orders of $40US.
If you use my discoun…

September iHerb haul


My favorite English speaking hairdresser in Osaka

Finally after a VERY long break (being heavily pregnant, giving birth and 7 months of full-on 24/7 mothering) it was time... for 3 hours of much needed hair revival!
I visited Yuhei at his super stylish salon in Uehonmachi for highlights and a cut...
Check out his website here :
... and came out feeling like a new woman (despite having only a few hours sleep the night ... I mean months ... before).

Thanks so much Salone Di Luca!!
Open hours :
火曜 (Tuesday) 10am - 8pm 水曜 (Wednesday) 10am - 8pm 木曜 (Thursday) 10am - 9pm 金曜 (Friday) 10am - 8pm 土曜 (Saturday) 10am - 8pm 日曜 (Sunday) 9am - 6pm
*closed on Mondays and the first Sunday of the month.
**if you’re a new English-speaking customer and mention me/my blog, you may get a wee discount !!!
Happy hairdos
Fran xx

Baby Emily : seven months old

Time has just flown by!Emily was born in February, and she’s already seven months old!!
What’s she doing his month? - she is able to get around the room by sliding on her stomach and doing a kind of army crawl - she can get up on all fours and rock back and forward so “real crawling” isn’t far off - she is babbling a lot, laughing out loud and squealing when happy - she has pullled herself up to stand a handful of times but is over confident and lets go... only to fall down flat - she can now sit up from a laying down position  - her bottom two teeth are coming through
So with all of these new skills, plus the discomfort of teething, sleep has taken a change for the worse.
As well as waking 457 times through the night, she wants to nurse to sleep during the day and night too.
Exhausted would be an understatement!
Lucky she’s cute...

Fran xx
- pink hoody from Baby Gap ( - grey tutu skirt (with leggings) from Rock Your Baby (
* not a sponsored post, just a shout out to s…

Starbucks Japan introduces almond milk beverages (for a limited time)

Starbucks Japan will be offering two new beverages made from almond milk this fall. They are limited edition items starting from October 2nd. "Almond Milk & Granola Frappuccino" (Tall / 580 yen) This drink is made from almond milk, decaf iced coffee, almond sauce, orange powder, and granola with chocolate chips. The flavor of the nutty almond milk and coffee blend together so well. The granola even enhances the flavor, and it also adds a crunchy texture.

"Nutty Almond Milk Latte" (Tall / 440 yen, Grande / 480 yen, Venti / 520 yen) The Starbucks espresso is well balanced with almond milk. It is creamier and has a nuttier flavor than the regular latte. It is topped with the crunchy "almond oats sugar" and orange peels which adds a kick to the drink. It is available both hot and iced.

Some other drinks can also be customized with almond milk.

Enjoy, Fran xx

Daiso Love #1

If you’re in Japan and you’ve never heard of Daiso, where have you been and what have you been doing?
If you have heard of it, there’s a good chance you love it as much as I do and that you became a frequent customer pretty quickly!

Daiso is Japan’s most famous 100 yen shop and has the most incredible selection of stuff you need as well as the stuff you never knew you needed!

Today’s Daiso Love post is mainly for kids (and adults who love coloring)...

Check it out...

We will start coloring ours this weekend!
Just 100yen (108yen including tax) from Daiso :)
Happy shopping,
Fran xx