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June iherb haul

As I may have mentioned before, I love iherb, and continue to order from them without any problems or complaints at all. In my experience, products are always packaged well and shipping is fast and convenient!

This month I ordered some new and old-favorite items...

NEW! Bob`s red mill pure baking soda

Recommended for so many things from cleaning to facial care, it is always nice to have baking soda on hand. I am trying this brand for the first time.
OLD FAVORITE! Zarbees natural cough and mucous syrup (nighttime)

I cannot rave about this product enough! I have used it with my son (now 6yo) whenever he is congested or coughing and it really helps him sleep calmly.It contains honey so should not be used with small children/infants, but is natural and safe for older kids. My son doesn`t even mind the taste!
OLD FAVORITE! Chocolove milk chocolate

* note - chocolate : 
Please note limited shipping months for this item:
This item is heat sensitive. It is only available for purchase betweenOctobe…

Hanazono central park (Higashi Osaka)

Higashi Hanazono is an area famous for one thing. Rugby. 

Locals are excited about it being announced as one of the grounds for the 2019 Rugby World Cup, and are hoping to host one of the great teams!

Families who live in and around Higashi Hanazono know that the large park (home to rugby and baseball grounds, as well as a grove of sakura trees, a splash park for kids, a large outdoor playground, and the indoor playground Dream 21) is a great place to spend a day out too.

Higashi Hanazono station.
Getting to the park is easy. Get off the train at 東花園駅 (Higashi Hanazono station), located on the Kintetsu Nara line. It is an easy ride from Namba (to the east), or Ikoma (to the west). 

Check out this map for more details on how to get to the park...
* Higashi Hanazono station is at the bottom of the map.

Hanazono Rugby stadium.
This large stadium is the oldest dedicated rugby union stadium in Japan.  Owned by city of Higashiosaka, it opened in 1929 and has a capacity of 30,000. It is the stage fo…