Legoland Nagoya (Japan)

During Golden week, my husband and I took Aiden (now 6yo) and Emily to Legoland. It should have been a two hour drive from Osaka, but Golden Week traffic was insane, making the trip over 6 hours!

Legoland Japan is based in the middle of Honshu (the main island of Japan) near the city of Nagoya. It opened on April 1st 2017 so is still buzzing with the excitement of opening, and some areas (including the Lego Hotel and Lego Aquarium) have yet to be completed (expected to open in 2018).

Legoland website (English here and Japanese here).

Legoland on Facebook here.

How can I get there?
Legoland is accessible by both car and train.
From the Ise-Wangan highway, use the following map to reach the park.

From the train station (Kinjo Futo station), use this map.

*note - legoland does not have its own carpark. Please use the large Kinjo Futo parking building nearby.

What kind of activities can I enjoy?
Legoland is a theme park for children (the website states `Legoland is geared towards children aged 2-12`). When I went there, most of the other visitors were families with small children and young couples.

Most rides can be enjoyed alone by children over 130cm, or with a parent if they are smaller. There are small/tame roller-coasters, car-driving and plane-flying rides, block building activities, a factor tour, a walk around mini-world (where famous structures of Japan are reproduced in smaller lego-block versions), and small playgrounds for little kids.

*note - if you are after more exciting thrills and rides, I recommend Nagashima spa land which is located just a few kms away from Legoland and has some of Japans largest and scariest roller-coasters.

How much is it?
Legoland is not cheap. A one day pass for adults (visitors aged 13years and over) costs 6,900yen, and one for children (aged 3-12) costs 5,300yen. Kids 2 and under do not need a ticket. All rides and activities are included in the entry fee, but of course, meals, snacks, gifts and toys will be extra.

If you enjoy Legoland and want to visit again, an annual pass may be the most economical way to visit.
A year-long pass will set you back 17,300 for adults and 13,300 for kids.

*note - parking is not included, and will cost about 1,500 for the day.
*note - you can buy tickets online here before you go.

What should I bring?
Legoland is relatively large, but easy to navigate, and pleasant to wander around. Wear comfortable shoes, and pack a poncho (raincoat) and a change of clothes for children, as there are lots of water rides and activities. Legoland is located near a harbor and the wind is a little chilly, so bring a light jacket or cardigan if you plan to stay until evening.

*note - you are NOT allowed to bring your own food and drinks into the park (with the exception of baby food and some special allergies). Your bag will be searched as you enter.

Are there special facilities?
There is a nursing room and diaper changing station called Duplo baby-care. There you will also find a bottle warmer.

Strollers are also available for rent (1,000yen per day) for children up to 18kg.

There are some restaurants with special meals for children with allergies;
  • Brick House Burgers
  • Chicken Diner
  • Knight's Table Restaurant
There is also a first aid room, lost and found room and ATMs onsite. 
*note - there is also a special service for people who get accidentally drenched on one of the rides. Meet the `people dryer`. It costs 300yen per use and claims to dry you head to toe!

My 2mo daughter predictable loved the nursing room ;)

I loved mini-land, so most of the pics on my iPhone reflect that... check out some of the sights.

Have a great day out!

Fran xx


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