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Legoland Nagoya (Japan)

During Golden week, my husband and I took Aiden (now 6yo) and Emily to Legoland. It should have been a two hour drive from Osaka, but Golden Week traffic was insane, making the trip over 6 hours!

Legoland Japan is based in the middle of Honshu (the main island of Japan) near the city of Nagoya. It opened on April 1st 2017 so is still buzzing with the excitement of opening, and some areas (including the Lego Hotel and Lego Aquarium) have yet to be completed (expected to open in 2018).

Legoland website (English here and Japanese here).

Legoland on Facebook here.

How can I get there?
Legoland is accessible by both car and train.
From the Ise-Wangan highway, use the following map to reach the park.

From the train station (Kinjo Futo station), use this map.

*note - legoland does not have its own carpark. Please use the large Kinjo Futo parking building nearby.

What kind of activities can I enjoy?
Legoland is a theme park for children (the website states `Legoland is geared towards children aged 2-…

`Lost my name` ... gorgeous personalized books for kids

I ordered one of these several years ago for Aiden and he still chooses it often as a bedtime story! So I ordered one for Emily this morning.

The little boy/girl who lost his/her name is a personalized story for kids which uses the letters from their name and the names of animals and other creatures. 

My son`s name is Aiden and the creatures that appeared in his book were Aardvark, Imp, Dragon, Elephant and Narbalek. Some common letters have a selection of animals to choose from (e.g. D for dragon or donkey).

The main character (which you can choose from a small selection) forgets his/her name and goes on an adventure to find it again.

Check out the website here for more information on these amazing stories and get 15% off your first order.

The books usually cost US$29.95 and will be shipped worldwide for FREE!

Happy reading!

Fran xx

* I did not receive anything in exchange for this review.
* If 3 or more people order their books via the link, I will receive a free book in return.

Kids Plaza Osaka

Website (English) here Facebook page here

Kids Plaza is a large indoor space for children near the centre of Osaka city. It has areas to play, explore and learn, and is a great day out for you and your family.

According to the founders of Kids Plaza, `Kids Plaza Osaka is the first museum in Japan dedicated to child education. Founded in July 1997, our basic philosophy is that children learn while playing and having fun nourishes creativity and awakes new potentials to personal development. Kids Plaza Osaka is always ready to provide kids with amusing facilities and new surprises and thrills every time they visit. Since our opening, more than 400,000 guests from every region in Japan (mainly from Kinki region's 6 prefectures) visit annually.`
*What can we do there?
Kids Plaza is divided into 4 floors (1F - welcome floor, 3F - creativity floor, 4F - adventure floor, 5F - discovery floor)

Here you will buy a ticket, be greeted, and enter the building. There is a large ball/track d…

We have been trying some Aveeno baby products.

*These products were provided by Aveeno and iHerb free of charge for my honest review.

Since Emily was a few weeks old, she has had much more sensitive skin than her big brother ever did. She has had baby acne, cradle cap, red marks on her cheeks and very dry skin. The pediatrician told me at one point she had あせも (asemo) which is a kind of heat rash (like prickly heat) even though it was the middle of winter here in Japan.
When we look at photos of babies, all we seem to see is soft, smooth touchable skin, so I was a little sad for my wee baby girl. I tried a variety of baby lotions on her face which inevitably caused more irritation. The doctor told me to wash her face with soap morning and night... and leave it.
The heat rash on her face cleared up quickly thanks to Dr Miki`s advice. But Emily still has some irritation on her neck, ankles, wrists and diaper area. It feels dry and scaly and looks a little red. She also drools a lot and chews on her hands, so her hands are a little chaf…