Introducing Emily

So I know I haven't updated you guys on my new baby... yet!

I would like to introduce Emily! She was born seven weeks ago today after a 3-day labor, arriving a total of 11 days late.

on - February 17, 2017
at - 6:07am
weighing - 3462g
measuring - 48cm

Aiden has japanese kanji characters for his name えいでん = 永典
And we decided to do the same for Emily えみり = 永美莉

Aiden`s japanese characters mean `eternal, celebration`and Emily`s mean `eternal, beautiful, jasmine flower`

Here is a picture of her (right) next to Aiden on the left!

So far, she and Aiden are VERY similar, not only the way they look, but their expressions and personalities too. For now, Emily is not a great sleeper, but I am hoping that will change soon!!


Fran xx


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