Experience Japan with Odigo

What is Odigo?

Odigo is a platform that lets you plan and share your trips in Japan, empowered by a community of passionate locals.

Here you can

  • Make informed decisions on where you want to go based on recommendations from local experts.
  • Create your own customized trips and itineraries, complete with insights, all essential information on a location, and directions, which you can use on the go or download to any of your devices
  • Share your trips and travel experiences with your friends, family and other travelers

Our Story

Odigo’s founder Takamasa Kawasaki chose a diverse, international team to create our Japan travel solution. Each team member brings deep knowledge, expertise and talents to the table needed to build a one of a kind product that is easy and fun to use. We are all driven by a common passion for traveling and a love of Japan. We believe Odigo’s strength and uniqueness lies in our commitment to providing our users with beautiful, innovative design, advanced technology, and a compelling and connected community. We strive to give you a great experience by focusing on these three key elements.

Why Odigo?

When you live and work in Japan, more often than not you become ‘the expert’ to your friends and family back home. You love Japan and want to help plan a great trip for your visitors, but this can prove to be difficult. That’s where we realized what was missing: An integrated, easy to use tool for independent travelers seeking authentic experiences, off the beaten track adventures, connections and local advice. This is why we created Odigo.
In your hands Odigo becomes an intuitive tool that helps you choose great spots from recommendations provided by our community. It lets you create a map to plan your optimized route, and download an itinerary to keep track of the spots you’ve chosen. Building your personal travel plan with Odigo is much more fun and simple than the old way, with the tedious tasks of going to multiple websites, reading lots of travel guides, checking various maps, and using a notebook or spreadsheet to keep track of everything.

For Travelers

When you come to Japan, Odigo supports you on your journey. Making everything easier and stress free. Want to try your first ramen shop? Odigo tells you where the best shops are, how to order and what other great sights and experiences are in the same area. Download our iOS application and log into our website to become a part of the Odigo community.

If you'd like to check it out, click here to view the site/sign up.


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