Check out Fran-Japani on Odigo

To help spread my experiences, knowledge and love of Japan to others,  I have republished some of my blog posts on Odigo (a new website to inform travelers to Japan about all the great things to see and do here).

So far, here are the links to the posts I have uploaded...

Namba Parks shopping mall (visiting with kids)

Qs Mall Morinomiya (visiting with kids)

Being pregnant in Japan 

Packing your maternity hospital bag in Japan

Maternity wear in Osaka Japan

What kids need for preschool/kindergarten in Japan

All about Expo City 

Shopping for international brands in Osaka

Smoothie wax bar in Osaka

World Ranch in Osaka

Kaiyukan in Osaka

Kidzania in Osaka

If you'd like to view the website and read other articles about Japan, click here, and if you'd like to sign up to write your own posts, click here.


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