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Check out Fran-Japani on Odigo

To help spread my experiences, knowledge and love of Japan to others,  I have republished some of my blog posts on Odigo (a new website to inform travelers to Japan about all the great things to see and do here).

So far, here are the links to the posts I have uploaded...

Namba Parks shopping mall (visiting with kids)

Qs Mall Morinomiya (visiting with kids)

Being pregnant in Japan

Packing your maternity hospital bag in Japan

Maternity wear in Osaka Japan

What kids need for preschool/kindergarten in Japan

All about Expo City 

Shopping for international brands in Osaka

Smoothie wax bar in Osaka

World Ranch in Osaka

Kaiyukan in Osaka

Kidzania in Osaka

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Experience Japan with Odigo

What is Odigo? Odigo is a platform that lets you plan and share your trips in Japan, empowered by a community of passionate locals. Here you can Make informed decisions on where you want to go based on recommendations from local experts.Create your own customized trips and itineraries, complete with insights, all essential information on a location, and directions, which you can use on the go or download to any of your devicesShare your trips and travel experiences with your friends, family and other travelers Our Story Odigo’s founder Takamasa Kawasaki chose a diverse, international team to create our Japan travel solution. Each team member brings deep knowledge, expertise and talents to the table needed to build a one of a kind product that is easy and fun to use. We are all driven by a common passion for traveling and a love of Japan. We believe Odigo’s strength and uniqueness lies in our commitment to providing our users with beautiful, innovative design, advanced technology, and a…

Expo City Osaka (Expo `70 Commemorative Park)

LALAPORT - perhaps the biggest drawcard to Expo City is the enormous shopping mall. As stated on the website (here); Steeped in the spirit of Expo ’70, LaLaport EXPOCITY promises fun for everyone all day long, with attractions ranging from trendsetting global brands and exciting “accessible luxury” brands through leading select boutiques, sports and outdoor-living stores, to health and beauty salons, fashions for babies, children and youth, daily goods and services.Lalaport is home to hundreds (over 300) of stores including internationally known brands like Zara, G Star Raw, Diesel as well as Japanese brands, restaurants, a food court, a huge pet store and MORE!

NIFREL - The first facility produced by KAIYUKAN (Osaka famous aquarium), this is a one-of-a-kind attraction that allows visitors to experience the beauty and wonder of living creatures.
Based on the concept of connecting through the senses and featuring various artistic elements, this facility brings to life the wonder of livi…

Morinomiya Qs Mall Osaka

Morinomiya Qs Mall is a large shopping mall located next to Osaka Castle Park. It boasts wide open spaces and healthy options for eating and shopping as well as a fitness gym and a rooftop walking/running track. It is often crowded with mums and their kids, as well as tourists taking a break from the nearby castle and museums.

Mall Hours Q's MALL:  10:00am-9:00pm2F/Q's kitchen Food Court:  10:00am-9:00pmHealth Aid AIR TRACK:  Weekday/Saturday 9:00am-11:30pm Sunday/Holiday 9:00am-8:30pmCENTRAL SQUARE Supermarket:  9:30am-12:00pmEDION Electronics retailer:  10:00am-8:00pmParking
There are two car parking areas (east and west) for your convenience, as well as bicycle and motorcycle parking available. Discounts are credited to your parking ticket by presenting it to the cashier when you pay for goods/services within the mall.

Customers with children
There is a nursing room available on the first floor (near the supermarket).
There are diaper changing tables available in each of the rest…