GAP Japan now has maternity clothing

I received a typical marketing email from GAP Japan today and almost deleted it, then noticed the マタニティ word in the title! "Maternity"! 
Besides H and M, and a few other options (which I've written about previously here), there aren't a lot of choices for simple, flattering maternity clothing available in Japan.

So this is exciting!

GAP's maternity range includes tops, tanks, shirts, pants, jeans and more. There are pants/trousers with elastic panels on the sides, some with elastic waistbands and others with bump coverage.

They also have a range of active wear!
Prices seem reasonable and comparable to GAP's non maternity range.

Shipping within Japan is free if you spend over 6,000yen, and if you sign up to their newsletters, you'll hear about sales (which seem to be very frequent).

For now it looks like the maternity clothing line is limited to online shoppers, and you can access the page here.

Happy shopping!
Fran xx


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