Decaf at Starbucks Japan

Yay Starbucks!
This is great news for pregnant or nursing women, or anyone who doesnt like the caffeine hit that comes with coffee...

Starbucks Japan has introduced (starting yesterday 11/1) decaf coffee drinks!

Check out the menu items below...

Decaf latte (hot/iced)
Decaf caramel macchiato (hot/iced)
Decaf cappuccino (hot/iced)
Decaf mocha (hot/iced)
Decaf white mocha (hot/iced)
Decaf americano (hot/iced)

And they claim that their caffeine removal process is chemical free, allowing the great taste and flavor to remain in the coffee. The process removes 99% of caffeine! Awesome!

Happy coffee drinking :)

Fran xx


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