Akachan honpo (アカチャンホンポ) new point card

Akachan honpo (akachan means `baby` in Japanese) is a maternity, baby and kids` store that is famous in Japan for its large selection and reasonable prices.

There are branches all over the country, stand-alone-stores as well as stores inside shopping malls. 

Old card

New card

Akachan honpo has released a new point card and until the end of March, is offering some special bonuses for pregnant women (even for 2nd or 3rd pregnancies/children) who apply for a card.

I signed up for a new point card and received this bundle of items too. It contains an original design 出生届 (registration of a birth); a プレママ セット (mother-to-be bundle) containing samples of diapers, breast-pads etc in a cute eco-tote-bag; ポイント10倍スペシャルクーポン (coupons for increasing the points you collect on purchases to 10x); and a handy shopping guide for new mums.

You can apply for the new point card in store, or online (on your PC or smartphone here). If you apply online, you will receive an email with a special code which you must bring into the Akachan honpo store before the end of March 2017 to confirm your application.

The website (here) and information on the point card is all in Japanese, so you might want to put it through an online translation website or ask a friend to help you. 

If you plan to be in Japan for a few months or years, I would recommend getting this point card. You can use the points to discount future purchases and also receive some special discounts around your birthday and child`s birthdays too.

Happy shopping,

Fran xx


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