Packing your maternity hospital bag in Japan

I attended the pre-birth class at my hospital yesterday and they gave us all a list of things to bring when we are admitted for labor and delivery. Most hospitals in Japan require first-time mums to stay up to 5 days and other mums to stay up to 4 days, so think about things you might need for that many days away from home.

Let`s have a look and see what everything is, and where to get it.

* some hospitals will require more or less, so please check your list carefully too.

母子手帳 - boshi techo - mother and baby book

診察券 - shinsatsu ken - patient id card
健康保険証 - kenko hoken sho - health insurance card
印鑑 - hanko - name stamp

(you should already have these and be bringing them to check-ups)

The following things can be packed in a small suitcase or carry bag and should be named and be easy to find (by you or your partner) at the hospital...

パジャマ - pajama - night wear that is easily accessible with buttons down the front

カーディガン - kaadigan - a loose cardigan, hoodie or robe to wear when it gets cool
マタニティブラ - mataaniti bura - maternity bras
スリッパー - surippa - slippers (the hospital floors are very cold)
産褥ショーツ - sanjyuku shootsu - these `shorts` are a type of maternity underwear with a velcro opening at the crotch (although you`ll never need them again, they make checkups and changes at the hospital much easier)
産褥ナプキン - sanjyuku napukin - pads to wear after birth (the hospital will provide some but it is always wise to bring backups. You`ll need them after leaving the hospital anyway)
歯ブラシセット - ha burashi setto - toothbrush and toothpaste
コップ - koppu - a plastic cup
シャンプー・リンス - shanpu rinsu - shampoo and conditioner
フェイスケア - feasu kea - face care (moisturizer, face wash etc)
ボディソープ - bodei soopu  - body soap
リップクリーム - rippu curiimu - lip cream 
タオル - taoru - towel (my hospital asked for one bath towel that can be thrown away after use, to wrap around the waist after giving birth, one bath towel for showering, a face towel and hand towels for the length of stay)
お箸セット - ohashi setto - chopsticks/fork/spoon set
ガーゼ - gaaze - gauze handkerchiefs for wiping baby`s face etc after breastfeeding
ウエットコットン - wetto kotton - wet cotton wipes for breastfeeding etc

For labor, small snacks, energy jelly like this and a pet-bottle cap with a straw attached (available at all 100yen shops) are recommended.

For the hospital stay, small change for vending machines, a waterproof bag for dirty clothes, small plastic bags, your phone and phone charger, headphones, a book to read, a notebook/diary are also recommended. 

I got most of these things from baby shops like Akachan honpo or Nishimatsuya. Other things I had at home or I bought online from Amazon japan.

I will put links to the products I bought from Amazon japan if you need them...

Nivea lip cream (花王 ニベア ディープモイスチャーリップ 無香料) here

Dacco wet cotton wipes (クリーンコットンナチュリーゼベビー 30包入) here

Moony post-partum pads (ムーニー いちばんやさしい お産用ケアパッド Lサイズ5枚) here

... and some other handy new mother`s items ...

Moony breast-feeding pads (ムーニー お肌にやさしい 母乳パッド 68枚入) here

Pigeon breast-feeding supplements (ピジョン 母乳パワープラス 錠剤 90粒) here


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