Health Post New Zealand

Hi again,

Sorry about the blank... I am still here, and still pregnant. 34 weeks along now, so less than 6 weeks til the due date!

In the cold and in the meantime, I have come across a great online shop in New Zealand which ships local health food and products all over the world. It (of course) has a much more limited selection than my first love (iHerb), but does stock some of my favorite brands from home.

The shop is called Health Post NZ and they do have a physical store in Auckland city (New Zealand). Most of their business is done online and they have really reasonable shipping rates, as well as loyalty bonuses/discounts. Another great policy is that they donate $1 from every web order to charity of your choice (from a small selection they have set up).

New customers who register and sign up for the email newsletter get a $5 discount off their first order too. 

Right now the NZ dollar is pretty strong, but still cheaper than the Japanese yen, so shopping is reasonable.

Here are some of their great products...

Trilogy Rosehip oil

Biohoney Manuka Honey

Waihi Bush Flaxseed Oil

Antipodes Kiwi seed oil Eye cream

and of course much more including household goods, pet health, baby goods, kids health, superfoods (like chia seeds and spirulina) and supplements.

So if you love NZ products, or just want to give them a try, check it out.

Happy shopping,
Fran xx

* this is not a sponsored post and the links are not attached to any discounts or benefits.
** you can invite friends to join Health Post by email only at this time. If they place an order, you can receive a small point bonus.


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