I want to ride my bicycle...

We bought Aiden`s bicycle for Christmas in 2015, and he rode it from time to time (with the training wheels) to the supermarket with me or around the local park.

This year we decided it was time to take off the training wheels and set to teaching Aiden how to ride the bike by himself. He has improved so much and can now ride straight, round in circles and stop easily. Getting started is a bit tough, but we are working on it for sure!

Most Japanese parks don`t have a lot of grass which makes the falls a bit scary, but we lowered the seat and Aiden can now stop with his feet. I definitely recommend a good helmet and maybe some knee/elbow pads.

The bicycle we chose can be found at Toys R Us or at their online store (here). Other options are Amazon Japan, Yodobashi Camera,  Cycle Asahi, and Aeon Bike. Local bike shops often sell restored/second-hand models too.

Aiden`s helmet came from Amazon USA but there are plenty available right here in Japan too.

At Amazon Japan I saw these cute ones...

And Toys R Us had these...

Happy cycling!
Fran xx


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