If you live far away from home, you know how hard it is to find your favorite products and/or products that work for you and your body type!

In Japan it has been hard for me to find deodorant, toothpaste, hair care, skin care, vitamins and supplements etc that suit me. Since having a baby it is also hard to find products with English explanations that I can trust.

I learned about iHerb (an American online drugstore) a year or so ago and have been using it ever since. They also stock lots of healthy, vegan and organic brands too.

Orders that weigh less than 30lbs cost only $4 shipping to Japan (with Sagawa).

I have a referral code, so if you order with them you can get up to $10 off your purchase too! Just enter `PAZ981` in the coupon box at the bottom of your shopping cart or click here.

Happy shopping!

*This is not a sponsored post. I pay for all my orders!
**I can earn iHerb rewards if you make orders with iHerb using my code `PAZ981`. THANKS :)


  1. This is great! I was recommended Iherb by a friend in the UK, but I was dithering about delivery to Japan. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hope you buy lots of fun things! My most recent order arrived today... snacks, oils, vitamins and many more goodies :)

  2. Thank you for the tip!! I had heard about it, but never looked into it. Now you convinced me! I desperately need an order of deodorant and toothpaste...

    1. You are welcome Vivian! I hope you find some useful things. I have been enjoying trying some more organic, healthy brands that seem to be just as good as the others I have used in the past. Happy shopping xx


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