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Fun day out in Katsuyama

We left home early Wednesday morning to drive to Fukui prefecture where the ski-ground named Ski-Jam Katsuyama is located. 

There are ski-grounds closer to Osaka but this one has a great area for little kids to play in. The weather was warm and the sun was shining. Perfect day for playing in the snow...

After a good play we began the drive back home. We drove past a big sign that said Fukui Prefecture Dinosaur Museum (english website here) and decided to check it out...

If you live far away from home, you know how hard it is to find your favorite products and/or products that work for you and your body type!

In Japan it has been hard for me to find deodorant, toothpaste, hair care, skin care, vitamins and supplements etc that suit me. Since having a baby it is also hard to find products with English explanations that I can trust.

I learned about iHerb (an American online drugstore) a year or so ago and have been using it ever since. They also stock lots of healthy, vegan and organic brands too.

Orders that weigh less than 30lbs cost only $4 shipping to Japan (with Sagawa).

I have a referral code, so if you order with them you can get up to $10 off your purchase too! Just enter `PAZ981` in the coupon box at the bottom of your shopping cart or click here.

Happy shopping!

*This is not a sponsored post. I pay for all my orders!
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Making and naming school bags and other items for Japanese school entrants

So, in my last post (here) I mentioned how many things new students in Japan need, and how there are a lot of guidelines on how they should appear (dimensions, materials etc).

Some pre-schools and kindergartens even require that the parents hand-make the school bags to specific sizes.

This may sound a little intense but is widely practiced in Japan. In fact, there are dozens of books and magazines devoted to this very topic, that you can pick up in bookstores and online for around 1,000yen.

Here are some I found on Amazon Japan...
いちばんよくわかる かんたんかわいい通園通学グッズ 男の子の通園&通学グッズ

You can probably tell from the covers that these books specialise in teaching the readers how to make cute (かわいい) and cool (かっこいい) school goods (入園グッズ) for kids!

A quick look at the table of contents shows that there are patterns and instructions on how to make lesson bags, bags to hold inside shoes, bags to hold cups and toothbrushes, smocks, backpacks, randoseru covers and much more!

If you can read Japanese (and probably…


Love this! 

So much beauty and emotive description in one word :)

What your kids need for preschool in Japan

The list of items we were given contained the following items...
I have given the Japanese words too, which might help you with online searches/shopping.

Please note that EVERY preschool has a different list which will contain more/less and possibly different items. Some schools also require bags of certain dimensions/materials, so please be sure to check the list very carefully.

2-3 sets of extra clothing, socks (including a jacket for winter)
1 pair of new shoes to be worn inside : 上履き (うわばき)
1 school hat - to be purchased from the school

1 fork : フォーク
1 spoon : スプーン
1 pair of chopsticks (if child can use them) : はし
2 aprons (bibs) : エプロン
1 tea/water bottle : 水筒 
* 1 lunch box (if child is eating lunch from home) : 弁当箱

1 set of crayons : クレヨン
1 pair of kids scissors : 子供ハサミ
1 craft smock/apron with long sleeves : スモック
1 textbook - to be purchased from the school
1 communication book - to be purchased from the school : れんらくちょう 1 book bag (standard Japanese lesson bag size) : レッ…