Reader question - travelling with baby in Osaka

QUESTION : Could you share more info with me your experiences traveling around Osaka/Kyoto with baby? I’m really concerned about the airport transfer (from airport to hotel, Osaka to Kyoto), accommodation, subway and the city tour (is Osaka & Kyoto baby friendly)? is it convenience to use a stroller? breastfeeding/ nursing room? the weather?) & etc..

ANSWER : Thanks for your email, and here is some information I hope you find useful...

First of all, airport transfers...

by bus (called limousine bus here in Osaka) - This website has information on fares, and timetables. The trip from KIX (kansai airport) to the centre of Osaka takes about 1 - 1.5hrs.

by train (Nankai line) - This website has information on train trips direct from KIX to Namba station.

At the airport itself, there are lots of facilities for mothers and babies. Please check this web-page for information about those facilities at Kansai International Airport.

Next, travelling around Osaka by subway...

This website has information on buying tickets and travelling around using a train in Osaka. The subways are clean, safe and always on time. I have often travelled by subway with a small baby without any problems.

One issue could arise if you have a large stroller. I would recommend travelling with a small umbrella stroller, or using a baby carrier/sling like an Ergo. If you need to buy either a stroller or sling while in Osaka, you could try Toys R Us (in Namba) or Akachan Hompo (in Honmachi). Department stores also carry these items, but you should expect to pay more.

Next, breastfeeding in Osaka...

I wrote about this in a previous post, so please read it here. Stations with large toilets, department stores, baby shops, restaurants etc all have seats where you can feed baby. If you need a nursing room, the airport, shopping malls and department stores have large nursing rooms which are reserved for women and babies only. A lot of women feed babies discreetly in cafes and restaurants too, using breast-feeding covers, or blankets.

The weather...

The weather in winter is cold, in spring it is warm and in summer it is very hot. The seasons in Japan are quite clearly defined, so if you check temperatures and weather in advance you shouldn`t face any surprises. The most difficult time for travellers is probably the rainy season (July), when you will need waterproof shoes, a portable umbrella and a lot of patience!

In general, Japan and Osaka are very baby-friendly (in my opinion). A lot of restaurants offer high-chairs and children`s meals, and are very reasonably priced. Hotels are small, and expensive, but if you are located close to a train station, then you will spend most of your time away from the hotel anyway!

I hope you have a great trip!

From Fran xx


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  2. Just happened to find your blog. We are going to Japan on 27 May with a 2 years old. Thanks for sharing Fran. It has been useful. :)
    Cheers. CalvinT


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