Happy New Year 2014!


Hi again everyone!

Hope you had a safe and happy holiday and that you are all ready to start 2014 with big smiles on your faces :)

We were all very busy here. Here`s a quick roundup (with pics of course)...

We celebrated Christmas on the 26th because we were working on the 25th, and had lots of fun with a mini champagne breakfast and presents before Yoshi went into work to clean up the shop for the new year holiday.

I finished work on the 30th and we went to Osaka castle for a special illumination extravaganza that evening (大阪城3Dマッピングスーパーイルミネーション). It was cold and the lines were loooong, but it was really amazing. There was even a 3D light show projected on the side of the famous white castle complete with realistic looking fires, and even tigers and butterflies. 
So beautiful! 

If you are interested in going, check out the website here (Japanese only), where you can get information and tickets. The event runs until February 16th).

On the 1st we ate Japanese new year food (called osechi), Aiden played with his cousins, and then we made a quick run to the shops to get some new snow gear for Aiden.

On the 2nd we spent the day in the countryside with Yoshi`s extended family, where we enjoyed nabe (hot pot) and horse riding. It was perfect, as 2014 is the year of the horse in Japan.

On the 3rd we drove to Fukui prefecture (about 4 hours away) where Aiden and I had our first proper snow experience (at スキージャム勝山)! Yoshi is a good snowboarder so had fun with his brothers further up the slopes, while Aiden and I had fun on the kiddy slopes with a plastic sled.

It was a great short break, but... back to work today :(

Hope 2014 is a great year for all of you!

Fran xx


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