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Reader question - travelling with baby in Osaka

QUESTION : Could you share more info with me your experiences traveling around Osaka/Kyoto with baby? I’m really concerned about the airport transfer (from airport to hotel, Osaka to Kyoto), accommodation, subway and the city tour (is Osaka & Kyoto baby friendly)? is it convenience to use a stroller? breastfeeding/ nursing room? the weather?) & etc..

ANSWER : Thanks for your email, and here is some information I hope you find useful...

First of all, airport transfers...

by bus (called limousine bus here in Osaka) - This website has information on fares, and timetables. The trip from KIX (kansai airport) to the centre of Osaka takes about 1 - 1.5hrs.

by train (Nankai line) - This website has information on train trips direct from KIX to Namba station.

At the airport itself, there are lots of facilities for mothers and babies. Please check this web-page for information about those facilities at Kansai International Airport.

Next, travelling around Osaka by subway...

This website has in…

Buying REAL Ugg boots online in Japan

I did a lot of research online before buying my Ugg boots, and wanted to share some of my new found knowledge!

There are lots of Ugg boots available on Rakuten and Amazon that are advertised really well. They have pictures of real Ugg Australia boots taken from official sites and even information on how to spot real Ugg Australia boots. But after reading some of the reviews it was clear that although some of their shoes may be authentic, some are definitely NOT (their prices are less than other retailers, but not incredibly cheap, leading one to believe that their product could be real!)

So I decided to look at sites that Ugg Australia recommends as authentic dealers. You can find a list of stores on their website (online stores here and offline stores here).

Why not buy direct from the Ugg website/store? You certainly can, but you will always pay full price. Other retailers often have sales, and after a bit of searching, I came across an Ugg authenticated retailer (called Javari) with 2…

Happy New Year 2014!


Hi again everyone!

Hope you had a safe and happy holiday and that you are all ready to start 2014 with big smiles on your faces :)

We were all very busy here. Here`s a quick roundup (with pics of course)...

We celebrated Christmas on the 26th because we were working on the 25th, and had lots of fun with a mini champagne breakfast and presents before Yoshi went into work to clean up the shop for the new year holiday.

I finished work on the 30th and we went to Osaka castle for a special illumination extravaganza that evening (大阪城3Dマッピングスーパーイルミネーション). It was cold and the lines were loooong, but it was really amazing. There was even a 3D light show projected on the side of the famous white castle complete with realistic looking fires, and even tigers and butterflies. 
So beautiful! 

If you are interested in going, check out the website here (Japanese only), where you can get information and tickets. The event runs until February 16th).

On the 1st we ate Japanese new …