Reader Question - January weather in Osaka

QUESTION : We are thinking of traveling to Osaka in January. Is it cold? What kind of clothes do you recommend?

ANSWER : Yes, in January it does get cold in Osaka, and sometimes flurries of snow fall (although they rarely settle on the ground). It is definitely cold enough for boots, scarves and hats.

However, hotels, malls, shops, and even trains are heated and it can become very uncomfortable if you are wearing thick sweaters etc. I recommend layering your clothes as much as possible so that it is easy to adjust to the temperature around you.

If you will be shopping when in Osaka, I definitely recommend UNIQLO`s heat-tech products which give you a great layer of warmth under your coat or sweater. I think most people in Japan have at least one or two of them in their closets... 

I have 4-5 and they even sell them for kids too, so of course Aiden has a couple!

I hope you have a great trip!


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