Reader Question - baby clothes in Osaka

QUESTION : you often talk about shopping for baby clothes online, but where can I find them in real shops in Osaka?

ANSWER : So many places now stock baby clothes, and while they might not all be immediately obvious from the outside, they certainly are plentiful, and have kids clothes for every budget.

Let`s start at the north of the Midosuji (subway) line in Umeda. Most stores in Umeda are on the pricey end, so if you are looking for a gift for a baby or something special for your own child, you can find lots of brand-name baby clothing in the department stores:

Daimaru Umeda has baby clothes on the 10th floor,
Hankyu Umeda has baby clothes on the 11th floor,
Hanshin Umeda has baby clothes on the 6th floor,
and the new Isetan in Umeda has baby clothes on the 7th floor.

Further down the Midosuji (subway) line in Honmachi, you will find a huge Akachan Honpo store. It has several floors of clothing, food, bedding, toys and much more for babies and kids. Their prices are very reasonable, so its a great place to find clothes for baby to play and sleep in!

If you walk from Honmachi through the arcade to Shinsaibashi there is a big store called Motherways. They stock kids and babies clothes at great prices too.

In Shinsaibashi there are more baby clothes in various stores:

Daimaru Shinsaibashi has baby clothes on the 9th floor.

There are a few shops in the arcade, like the terribly named Starvations, as well as the Disney Store. There are kids clothes in Uniqlo and Zara, and a whole floor inside H and M as well. Don`t forget Baby GAP, which is next to the huge Tokyu Hands store. 

Further west (in the Horie area) you will find some cute (but pricey) boutique style baby clothes shops too!

And a bit further south, in Namba, you can find clothing too.

Check Takashimaya department store on the 6th floor as well as several baby clothes stores on the 5th floor of Namba Parks shopping mall. Also inside Namba Parks you can find Next UK (3rd floor) which has a great range of kids clothes.

Locally, (I mean away from the centre of Osaka) you can probably find Nishimatsuya (西松屋), the store with this big sign...

Nishimatsuya not only stocks baby / kids clothes, but also food, diapers, toys and things for pregnant and nursing mothers. It is kind of a one-stop baby shop. Best of all, it is REALLY cheap. I mean clothes from about 300yen!

Happy shopping :)


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