Reader Question - kids clothes in Osaka

QUESTIONHi Fran Love your blog! Where did you get Aiden's pants from? I'm in Tokyo, but just don't have the chance to go out looking for cute clothes! Please keep up the great posts!

ANSWER : Hi, these pants are a brand called Marook (マルーク) and I bought them from a store here in Osaka, but you can buy them online too. I buy most of Aiden`s clothes from Next UK (online here in Japan), H and M, and local baby shops like Nishimatsuya. I don`t spend too much because he grows so fast, but sometimes more stylish places like Beams have kids clothes on sale. 

The shirt he is wearing in this pic comes from Beams (50% off sale of course!)

The shoes (Koko shoes) are from Daimaru, but you can also get them (as well as Brewster and Wilson - other Chuggington characters) online here.


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