Reader Question - disposing of diapers in Osaka

In the hopes of spreading knowledge to all, I have decided to publish questions from my readers (anonymously of course). Let`s start with this one I received a few months ago.

QUESTION : `how to dispose baby diapers in trash, i heard it is illegal in japan, if you throw some light on this issue will be useful for expectant mothers..thnx`

ANSWERThanks for your email, according to the trash collection rules, paper diapers are included in combustible trash and should be thrown away with other kitchen waste. They prefer garbage not to have any offensive smells, so the diaper should be emptied into the toilet before disposal. The diapers and other waste should be in a semi-transparent trash bag.

Here is an excerpt from the site I found...


Please dispose of burnable trash, such as kitchen waste and scrap paper, in a designated container or transparent or semitransparent bag so that the contents are visible.

Examples of combustible garbage

Kitchen scraps, scrap paper, paper diapers (please flush waste matter down the toilet), sanitary products, cooking oil (absorb oil in paper/cloth or use a solidifying agent), plastic items, rubber/leather items, clothing, etc.

Hope that helps.

From Fran


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