Namba Parks shopping mall with a baby/toddler

Situated near Namba station, Namba Parks is a shopping mall with boutiques, restaurants, cafes and gardens.

Namba Parks is a large building with gardens on the roof, and 8 floors of shops (including a cinema at the top). It is open from 11:00 - 21:00 every day, with some restaurants open until 23:00.

Take the Midosuji line, Sennichimae line, Yotsubashi line, Nankai line or Kintetsu line, and get off at Namba station (なんば駅).
If you come by car, there is a lot of parking available on site. If you keep the receipts while you shop (and spend over 5,000yen), you can receive discounted parking (get your ticket validated at the information centre on the 2nd floor).

FASHION and GOODS for kids and babies...

1F -
Toys R Us (clothes, toys, baby goods)
Borubic BB style (mens and kids clothing)
Stussy (mens and kids clothing)

2F -
Hysteric Glamour (womens, mens and kids clothing)
United Arrows green label relaxing (mens, womens and kids clothing)

3F - 
Comme Ca Style (mens, womens and kids clothing)
Next UK (womens and kids clothing)
Knockout Ease (womens and kids clothing)
Quatre Saisons (baby gifts, clothing)

4F -
Denim and Dungaree (kids and womens clothing)
Avirex (mens, womens and kids clothing)
Warehouse (mens and kids clothing)
True Religion brand jeans (mens, womens and kids clothing)
Nudie jeans (mens, womens and kids clothing)

5F -
Comechato and Closet (clothing)
Fith (clothing)
Granpapa (wooden toys)
ABC cooking studio (cooking lessons for 4yo-12yo)
Momo natural (interior - with a few toys etc for kids)
KuLaSu season (books, furniture, toys etc)

6F -
Namco (amusement / games arcade)

RESTAURANTS and CAFES with kids menus

6F - 
To the herbs - pizza and pasta (highchairs and kids menu)
Pomme no ki -omelet rice (highchairs and kids menu)
Kodawari tonkatsu (highchairs and kids menu)
Tokyo tonteki (kids menu)
Harvest festival (kids menu)
Kinboshi pasta (highchairs and kids menu)
Kan Tong Cha-han ten - stone cooked fried rice (kids menu)

7F - 
Tori no Mai (highchairs and kids menu)
Luxious - buffet restaurant (highchairs and kids menu)

8F - 
Chelsea Pub and Bistro (highchairs and kids menu)


The 5th floor of Namba parks has a lot of things that mothers with babies might be interested in. There is a nursing room, diaper changing room and a special cafe called Aura which is designed for parents and small babies. They have a special menu for little ones and lots of high chairs.

Diaper change stations are also available in selected toilets on the 3rd-6th and 8th floors. 

Child sized toilets are available on the 3rd, 4th, 6th and 8th floors.

You can buy diapers and formula milk (as well as bottles) at Toys R Us on the 1st floor.

On the 9th floor (roof) of the shopping mall is a garden and small playground for kids. 


The use of strollers on escalators is not allowed, but there are lots of elevators in the mall.

You can rent strollers from Aura (on the 5th floor) at a rate of 525yen per hour (up to 3 hours).


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