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The Anpanman Kids Museum in Kobe

The Anpanman Kids Museum in Kobe is the 4th one in Japan. It was built only recently, and up until now has been full of parents and kids almost every day of the week. 

We had no special plans yesterday, and since it was Yoshi`s day off, we ventured out to see what all the fuss was about. 

Aiden knows Anpanman by sight and by name, and has been pointing him out and naming him to us when he sees a picture (or snack, item of clothing, poster, train, medicine box, tv commercial etc..). He hasn`t watched the TV animation though, and isn`t too familiar with the other characters. I know Baikinman and Dokinchan, and a few others, but I`m not a fan by any means.

We figured it didn`t matter, and bought our tickets after waiting for only 2 other families in front of us.

OMG. 1500yen for each adult AND for each child (over 1yo). We hoped it would be amazing after paying almost 5,000yen for the three of us. A child`s ticket does include a small toy. The toy is changed regularly I believe, and this tim…