This week

This week was wet, wild and humid in Osaka, but the sun came out yesterday, just in time for me to go to Yoshi`s shop and visit my new car!! 

The 2005 Jeep Wrangler is the newest addition to the fran-japani family! So exciting! After the paperwork and number-plate update is finished later next week, I`ll get some more pics I hope... and a proper chance to drive my new baby!

This morning Aiden and I headed out to our closest local park (a 2min walk from our house) and spent about 3/4 of an hour roasting in the sun. We gave up and came home sweaty and red! But I did manage to get some nice pics while we were there...

mummy`s park attire!

And some other cute pics from this week...

Hope you all have a happy sunshiney weekend :)


  1. What a great car. I do a lot of driving for fun!!!, never thought I would but I love it. It is great to drive with little boys who love cars and play find the cat or whatever out of the window. I also like to tire him out and on the drive home when he falls asleep stop for a bit of me time in a convenience store car park. Looking forward to news of your adventures.

    1. Thanks! I love driving too, and can`t wait until I feel a bit more confident in getting out and about in Osaka! Aiden sleeps well in the car too, so I should be able to enjoy some good nap times!!

  2. you have my dream car right there - how did you get so lucky?! Hope you are enjoying it and looking forward to your exploration pics xx maybe a drive to Yokohama is in order... :)

    1. Thanks Joey!! But I think you are pretty lucky too... moving into your gorgeous new home ;) We are still living upstairs at MILs house, so this car is my new sanctuary!!


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