Kid O Kid Grand Front Osaka

We had been to Kid O Kid in Kobe (you can see my previous post here with all the info) once before, so knew what it was all about. This time we went to the Kid O Kid inside the fabulous new Grand Front Osaka building. It is on the 3rd floor. 

This time Aiden was a bit older and really enjoyed it. We only stayed 30 minutes, but it was perfect to burn off some energy, and tire Aiden out for his afternoon nap!

Here are some pics of our time there... and some pics of the whole place so you can get a feel of what other things you can do there.

A small rest area with drink vending machines. You cannot bring your own drinks or snacks in.

 This great climbing wall is only for bigger kids (aged 6 and up),

This area is for littlies (under 18months I think),

A great area for train and car lovers, and a little play-supermarket, complete with shopping carts and plastic food!

The cost is 600yen for kids (aged 6 months - 12 years) for the first 30minutes, and then 100yen per 30minutes after that. Adult tickets are 300yen. You can also get an all-day pass for 1500yen for 1 adult and 1 child (but some places have limited sales for these tickets).


  1. What a great looking place and such a great price (if you get the all day pass). I wish there was one closer to me but it looks worth the visit.


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