It had to happen...

...`mama mama, ball, ball` followed by my 2 year old pointing down his throat.

Heart attack ensues.

I started shaking and asked him if he had really swallowed it, and if he had only swallowed one. Of course he didn`t answer, he can`t even make 3 word sentences yet.

I frantically searched the room for the small, red, marble... in vain.

The only reason I let him play with it was that he had never ever tried to put it in his mouth. He had rolled it down the cars ramp, hid it in his pockets, and washed it in the bath... but never put in his mouth.

I did what all mothers (probably?) do in this situation... I googled.

There were stories of all kinds. Marbles, fruit stones, coins and batteries. And the consensus seemed to be that if the object was less than 18mm across, and had a smooth surface, then it should just pass through the body naturally. 

**If the object has a rough surface, jagged edges, or is magnetic, you should take the child to the hospital immediately, also, if the child is showing any signs of distress (or has trouble breathing, crying, talking or swallowing), you should seek immediate medical attention.

And low and behold, he was fine, and 2 days later, it came out the other end. Yes, I wanted to find it... yes, I searched his diaper... thankfully it came out in the first one I searched!

And photographic proof? (of course I washed, dried and sanitised it with alcohol, then put it in a drawer where he can never ever touch it again)...

Hope that was a first, and a last!


  1. Scary! Glad it came out the other end and all is well.


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