Happy Japan-niversary to me!!

This week marks my 10 year anniversary here in Japan! I cannot believe it has been this long! There are positives and negatives about life here (as in any country), but I love so many things about the culture, history, people, and of course the food!!

When I arrived here 10 years ago, I really feel like I was such a different person, and I have learned SO much about myself, and about life in another country. It really has been an incredible experience.

A pic of Yoshi and I all dressed up in traditional Japanese clothing (kimonos) from our pre-wedding photo shoot in 2010...

With Aiden at nursery school today, I treated myself to a gel-nail manicure at Speed Nail in Shinsaibashi, and mini pancakes for lunch in Namba...

Here is to many more years in Japan, and many more blog posts from fran-japani!


  1. Wow, Happy 10-year Japanniversary to you!
    I've only celebrated... 2! ;D


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