Why do my rain boots look moldy?

So after doing lots of on-line research for rain-shoes yesterday (see my previous post here), I almost decided to buy some Hunter flats.

They are gorgeous, come in heaps of colors and are so cute and shiny.

But my Hunter rain boots are NOT shiny. In fact, over the 5 or so years that I have owned them, they have become steadily greyer and greyer.

Here is how they looked about 20 minutes ago. And that is after several washes with soap and water.

And then I found out that the white stuff is called bloom. And bloom (contrary to what some websites say) cannot be scrubbed away with soap and water. Some people use a car cleaner like Armor All, but I didn`t have any, so used some of this...

I massaged it into each boot using my hands (taking care to avoid the soles), and then rubbed it clean with an old towel.

See the results...
 (one done)

 (close up)

All DONE!!

I am so pleased with the result and will definitely buy the Hunter flats; since I saw them on sale for 4,000yen, and now that I know how to keep them looking shiny and new!

And my hands are so nice and soft now too! Bonus!


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