Sunny day out at Misaki Koen

Misaki Koen (みさき公園) is located not too far from Kansai International airport, about 1.5hours from Osaka by car (depending on traffic). It is located near Misaki Koen station (about 50minutes from Namba by train).

We drove out there yesterday and spent a few hours exploring what they have to offer.

There are 4 main areas to the park; a zoo, a dolphin show, a theme park and a pool zone (open from July 13 - September 1st). Entrance to the park is 1,300yen for adults (2,000 including pool entrance), and 950yen for students and the elderly (1,400yen including pool entrance) and 700yen for kids aged 3 and up (1,200yen including pool entrance).

If you buy your tickets from a convenience store automatic ticket machine (including the conbini right outside Misaki Koen`s main entrance gate) you can save a lot (we bought 2 adult tickets for 1,050yen each, saving us 250yen on each ticket!

Buying a ticket to the park gets you free access to the zoo, but all other things cost a bit of extra cash. Most rides are priced at 100-400yen each and there are other things like hand-feeding a giraffe, or touching a dolphin which cost up to 1,000yen.

* Entrance to the dolphin show costs 400yen for everyone aged 3 and up. 

* Strollers are available to rent for 500yen (2,000yen deposit and 1,500yen returned when you bring the stroller back).

* Parking onsite is available at 1,200yen per day.

* There are restaurants available, and vending machines selling drinks and ice-creams throughout the park.

The park is huge and takes a lot of time to walk around. It is stroller friendly (with ramps beside each staircase), but it is VERY hilly. Yoshi and I both struggled getting up the steepest hill (between the dolphin show and the theme park zone). Please bear this in mind if you go at the height of summer!!

Here are some pics from our day (I somehow took 104 photos, but picked a few select ones for you all haha)...

 The cutest rental stroller ever! 

 Aiden`s first solo ride!

 In the driver`s seat and loving it!

Another fun day out :)


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