Our day out at Suzuka (17th Street car nationals)

We went to Suzuka Circuit 鈴鹿サーキット (located in Mie prefecture about 2hrs drive from Osaka) yesterday to support Yoshi`s company who had a booth, and look at lots of cars as part of the 17th Street car nationals which were held there.

We saw an amazing selection of old (mostly) American cars (hot rods and lowriders) and had a great time relaxing in the camp grounds where the event was held. 

The weather wasn`t perfect; very cloudy with sporadic rain, but it was hot (almost 30 degrees) for most of the day.

Check out some of my pics below...

 Aiden and daddy with their matching shirts!

 Aiden said `uh-oh` when he saw this one... it does look like it is falling over!

Ahhhhhh! An oval window VW Bug!!! Too cool :)

The 6Degrees booth at the event. That`s Yoshi`s silver Camaro on the right.

There were lots of young people who took the `American` theme a bit too seriously and were decked out in clothing which I can only assume they thought was cool American street fashion (but unfortunately resembled 80`s rap music videos!) haha. A few girls had their hair in cornrows and some wore huge trucker caps emblazoned with words like `FUK` and `BITH` (their spelling not mine) hahaaaaa!

A very nice day out :)


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