I love Etsy

This should not come as news to anyone (unless this is the first fran-japani blog post that you have ever read).

I love Etsy!

I have had a few comments and emails recently asking how to shop on Etsy. People often think it is overwhelming and that there are too many stores to find what they want.

Both of those are true. There are thousands of merchants selling on Etsy, and new shops opening every day.

*Why do I love Etsy then?

Well, if I can support someone (in many cases, a stay-at-home-mum starting her own business, or an art-student trying to pay their way through college) like me, a real person, instead of a face-less multinational company, then I feel much better about being a consumer.

And, it is nice to have handmade things (especially because I am useless at making things myself) to wear and look at. Having OOAK (one of a kind) things makes me feel unique and special too.

*So what do you need to shop on Etsy?

1. patience and time : because of the huge number of merchants on Etsy, it takes time to browse, compare, and select. If you don`t really know what it is you are looking for, this is bound to take even longer. My tip is to download the Etsy app (free from the Apple store here) onto your smart phone, then (like me) you can browse while waiting in line, waiting for baby to fall asleep, waiting in traffic, riding public transport etc.

2. a keen eye : this takes time (and possibly a few failed purchases). My first image of Etsy was of crappy homemade doilies and woolen sweaters, people who were selling things that couldn`t be sold in stores or even at flea markets. In some cases, this is still true. There are hundreds of stores selling things that don`t appeal to my taste, my level of quality etc. Before agreeing to purchase something, please read the terms of sale, and make sure that if the item you purchase turns out to be crappy, you can return it! If you have questions about the item, you can contact the seller easily through Etsy`s conversation facility.

3. a credit card (or even better, a PAYPAL account) : to safely shop online (anywhere), you should be very wary about who sees your personal information. If you have a PAYPAL account, the seller will never see your personal information (like credit card details). This is a great way to protect yourself. It is easy to set up a PAYPAL account and you can use it in many stores online (not just Etsy).

So what have I bought from Etsy?

Etsy doesn`t just sell homemade clothing. There are toys, makeup, soap, art, educational materials and much more. Here are some of the things I have bought over the last couple of years, with links to the merchants.

A summer skirt from Onni Palermo (here).

A kids tee shirt from Caustic Threads (here).

A gemstone bracelet from Off on a whim jewelry (here).

An antique cuff earring set from Cute N Sassy shop (here).

A personalised children`s birthday card from Chloe`s Crafts UK (here).

A camera strap cover from Loo De Loop (here).

A vintage peplum top from Renew Vintage (here).

A baby/toddler beach robe from Fab Designs by Donna (here).

A cute knitted toy rabbit from Rosie OK (here).

I have yet to find a problem with shopping through Etsy and have been really satisfied with all merchants and their products. Some merchants offer customisable products, so make sure you always remember to make a note (before payment) of the size, color and other specifications you need. And although some merchants only show a `shipping to the US` option, I have never been turned down when I sent a kind message and asked them to ship something to me in Japan.

I always keep in touch (via Etsy conversation) with the merchants, leave honest feedback and promote the things I love through my blog. No one loses!

What great things have you bought from Etsy??

*p.s. this is DEFINITELY not a sponsored post. I just love Etsy!!


  1. Etsy is addictive!! I can spend days going through pages of stuff and finding cool things!

  2. I love etsy!! I have bought way too much stuff! Hmm, a camera strap that matches my camera perfectly, a gorgeous coat that unfortunately didn't fit and I was able to get a refund for, a few pieces of clothes for my daughter...some presents for my parents. Really...what doesn't etsy have?


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