First day at ichi ji Hoikuen

If you didn`t read my previous post about getting ready for daycare (ichi-ji hoikuen) you can read it here.

Aiden went to daycare for the first time ever on Wednesday.

The day started terribly, with both Aiden and I awake from 5:30am. By the time we got up for breakfast, he was a grumpy, tired, whining mess, and I wasn`t much better. I struggled to get clothes on him, and getting him out the door by 9:25am was a huge mission.

I wanted to take a quick pic to remember the big day but this was the best we could manage (on Yoshi`s cellphone). At least you can`t see the tears rolling down his face... I guess?

We took him to the school and got in trouble immediately, he was wearing the wrong shoes! oops.

After that we went up to his classroom and handed him over to the cute female teacher. She held him while he screamed and she told us it was time to go. Best for all I think... like ripping off a bandaid quickly.

I looked back and saw him through the glass window of the classroom and he said `mama mama` and I lost it completely. Managed to hold the tears in until we stepped outside the school, but... I really thought I had just made a huge mistake. 

I watched my cellphone all day in case of a call from the daycare, but it never came. It turned out that Aiden stopped crying pretty quickly and was `otonashii` (well-behaved) all day. He even took a 2 hour nap and played nicely with the other kids!

When we picked him up, we were given an A4 sheet of paper entitled `daily report` which had his schedule for the day and comments from the teachers. 

Yoshi and I had a nice day too. We went to the movies and watched Oblivion. It is a disaster/sci-fi movie, which meant I decided to hate it even before we entered the theater. Actually it was pretty good, and has Morgan Freeman in it (which helps a lot. He is sooo cool).

While Aiden was at daycare we also set up a summer sand-and-water-table in the garden for him. We bought it on sale at Toys R Us, and he loves it! Great investment :)

So all-in-all it was a successful day. And I hope next Wednesday goes just as well!


  1. You are both gorgeous - what a way to start his first day! Xx

  2. I have nooooo idea about babies and daycare but damn Fran, your outfit is fab!


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