Keeping your feet dry in the rainy season

In New Zealand, it rains of course, but it usually rains in winter, and we are wearing nice warm leather boots, or Uggs, or gumboots (rainboots?)

In Japan, it rains for a whole month (almost) during the rainy season, and it is HOT too. No one wants to be dragging their hot sweaty feet in gumboots, especially when you have to take off your shoes to enter a house, shop fitting rooms, and sometimes restaurants.

I did a quick search online to find other options and came across these...

`rain shoes`

From the very cheap (around 1000yen) to the crazy expensive (close to 15,000yen)... in no particular order (except those Hunter ones are cute!!!)


Pastel rubber shoes

Lace up rain shoes

Gold toe rubber shoes

(heaps of colors and sizes)

I found all of these on Amazon Japan (English site here), but there are also lots of Rakuten (English site here) and Yahoo shopping too. You could even try Crocs if you like their style. 

Zozotown (here) also has a huge range of rain shoes. I particularly like their `Free Fish` brand. Lots of super cute colors and designs.

If you want to try, go searching online under rain shoes (レインシューズ) or rain pumps (レインパンプス).

* This is not a sponsored post. 

{Note: some of the links used are part of an affiliate program and I will receive a very tiny commission if you purchase them.  I promise to never recommend anything from a site/service that I don’t use and love.}


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