Hirakata Park in Osaka

Hirakata park (main website here, Facebook page here), or `Hirapah` as it is known by locals, is an amusement park located in Osaka. If you go by train, it is just a 3 minute walk from Hirakata Koen station on the Keihan railway.

It is an old amusement park, home to 43 attractions including roller coasters, a petting zoo, an ice-skating rink in winter and swimming pools in summer.

The price of entrance is 1,300yen for adults and 700yen for kids (2yo and older), but you have to pay for rides on top of that. They are not cheap unfortunately, so if you plan to ride a lot of attractions, you should buy a `free pass` (4,300yen for adults, 3,700yen for kids in elementray school and above, and 2,200yen for kids from 2yo to elementary school) which allows you access to all rides.

If you are going with small kids / toddlers, it would be best to check the restrictions for each ride before going, as most are only for 3-4y and older.

We had fun, and spent about an hour and a half there (enough with a 2yo who couldn`t ride on many attractions), enjoyed walking around and eating ice-cream!

Some pics from our day...

For the money we spent, (including 1,500yen for parking), going to Universal Studios Japan (USJ) wouldn`t be that much more expensive... but it was fun to learn about a new place anyway!! And it was much less crowded than USJ!


  1. I've driven by there many times but never been. It looks a lot better than I thought! I will definitely check it out sometime. Can Aiden look any cooler with his vest top?!

    1. Haha thanks Danielle. It was really hot and Yoshi wore a tank top too... like father like son!


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