Fun in the Okinawan sun (part 2)

More things we enjoyed during our Okinawan vacation...

Glass bottomed boat

Drive over the bridge to Kauri island of Okinawa

Great food at the cafe `with the best view on the island`

 (yummy tuna, yama-imo and sea-grape donburi)

The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Great playground outside the aquarium

 such a brave little monkey!

Another great playground on our last day in Okinawa

Such a great fun holiday!


  1. Looks amazing fun! What a great getaway for you all.

    Those sea grapes look kinda funky though! Not sure I would have been brave enough to try them!x

    1. Yeah I was a bit nervous too, but they just tasted salty, like the seaweed you eat in Miso soup and other dishes in Japan.


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