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Keeping your feet dry in the rainy season

In New Zealand, it rains of course, but it usually rains in winter, and we are wearing nice warm leather boots, or Uggs, or gumboots (rainboots?)

In Japan, it rains for a whole month (almost) during the rainy season, and it is HOT too. No one wants to be dragging their hot sweaty feet in gumboots, especially when you have to take off your shoes to enter a house, shop fitting rooms, and sometimes restaurants.

I did a quick search online to find other options and came across these...

`rain shoes`

From the very cheap (around 1000yen) to the crazy expensive (close to 15,000yen)... in no particular order (except those Hunter ones are cute!!!)


Pastel rubber shoes

Lace up rain shoes

Round toe with bow
Gold toe rubber shoes

Cute rubber loafers (heaps of colors and sizes)

I found all of these on Amazon Japan (English site here), but there are also lots of Rakuten (English site here) and Yahoo shopping too. You could even try Crocs if you like their style. 

Zozotown (here) also has a…

Dot marker alternative

I love the idea of dot markers but have never seen them for sale in Japan. They are probably available online but after the costs of shipping etc are included, they could be quite expensive.

I found these great dot letters on TotSchool and a huge packet of over 200 dot stickers at the 100yen shop.

Perfect for my toddler who loves stickers! 

After going through the capital letters A-D so far, he has become very proficient at getting the stickers right in the middle of the circles. Great practice for hand-eye coordination and fine-motor movement!

Learning fun :)

What I wore : Fun in the sun

I had a lovely day out in the sunshine yesterday and felt amazing in this super bright and summery outfit. I forgot to take a pic, so use your imagination!!

Genius tee by TopShop (also available online here at Zozotown Japan)

Long yellow skirt by Zara (also available online here at Zara Japan)

Espadrilles by Soludos (also available online here at Amazon Japan)

Bracelet by Off On A Whim (available online here at Etsy) 

Summer is definitely here :)

Hirakata Park in Osaka

Hirakata park (main website here, Facebook page here), or `Hirapah` as it is known by locals, is an amusement park located in Osaka. If you go by train, it is just a 3 minute walk from Hirakata Koen station on the Keihan railway.

It is an old amusement park, home to 43 attractions including roller coasters, a petting zoo, an ice-skating rink in winter and swimming pools in summer.

The price of entrance is 1,300yen for adults and 700yen for kids (2yo and older), but you have to pay for rides on top of that. They are not cheap unfortunately, so if you plan to ride a lot of attractions, you should buy a `free pass` (4,300yen for adults, 3,700yen for kids in elementray school and above, and 2,200yen for kids from 2yo to elementary school) which allows you access to all rides.

If you are going with small kids / toddlers, it would be best to check the restrictions for each ride before going, as most are only for 3-4y and older.

We had fun, and spent about an hour and a half there (enough with a…

Earth Day at Hamadera park

There was an Earth Day festival (and here) held at Hamadera park in Osaka yesterday and I went along with my friend K and her extended family. It was a really nice way to relax and spend time with loved ones on Mother`s day (since Yoshi was working).

We enjoyed playing in the park, eating yummy food and browsing the stalls for handmade goodies. It was almost 28degrees in Osaka yesterday so it felt like summer. Such a fun day!


...yes Aiden has a big red bump on his forehead. That is just another bump to add to his recent collection! This one came from an eager jump on the bed and the resulting crash into the wall... oh dear :(

Fun in the Okinawan sun (part 2)

More things we enjoyed during our Okinawan vacation...

Glass bottomed boat

Drive over the bridge to Kauri island of Okinawa

Great food at the cafe `with the best view on the island`

 (yummy tuna, yama-imo and sea-grape donburi)
The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Great playground outside the aquarium

 such a brave little monkey!

Another great playground on our last day in Okinawa