The great Japanese diaper review : Part six

Hi again,

This is the sixth part of the diaper review series that I started in early March. You can read part one here, part two here, part three here, part four here and part five here.

The sixth (and last) type of diaper that I will review in this series are called Pampers (large 9-14kg, pants type). You can find their website here (Japanese only).

I bought a pack of 64 large diapers from the drugstore for 1580yen (thats 25yen per diaper). They are the same price on Amazon Japan. You can find them here.

Pampers diapers feature pictures of the television character Shimajiro who is often associated with toilet training in Japan. There is a whole website dedicated to the company Benessee who produces Shimajiro learning products if you are interested. They have English learning materials here, and a Facebook page here.

The diapers have different designs that I have photographed below. The front of the diaper is clearly marked with the word `Front` and the Japanese character 前 (mae = front). The back is marked with tape to wrap up the diaper for disposal after use.

 Front and back

Front and back

- cute Shimajiro design
- there is a wetness indicator on the diapers
- good high quality materials
- can be bought in bulk at Costco
- have a gift point campaign (japanese only but easy to follow)

- they are quite expensive compared to other diapers.
- the materials are not super soft

I like Pampers diapers and have used them for the majority of Aiden`s life. Aiden is a big drinker, and usually goes through a lot of diapers each day. We don`t have too many leaks or overflows, but the material definitely isn`t as soft as some of Pampers` competitors. The main reason we buy them is that they are cheaper in bulk at Costco, but if I ever run out and have to buy some from the drugstore, I will probably choose another brand.

*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


  1. I think we got given some as new baby gifts - probably because they are the most expensive and therefore perhaps carry about more diaper prestige :) I have never bought them myself though, opting for the Unicharm MamyPoko pull ups with Micky Mouse on them. They are quite often on special for 800 yen-ish. Hopefully I only need to buy one or two more packets - ever. Wahoooooo. Ryu desperately wants to be out of diapers but has yet to show me a dry one in the morning. I have been putting it off until the weather got more washing friendly - about now I guess.


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