The great Japanese diaper review : Part four

Hi again,

This is the fourth part of the diaper review series that I started in early March. You can read part one here, part two here and part three here.

The fourth type of diaper that I will review in this series are called Genki (large 9-14kg, pants type). They are made by Nepia and you can find their website here (Japanese only).

I bought a pack of 42 large diapers from Nishimatsuya for 1029yen (thats 24.5yen per diaper). They are more expensive on, where they are 35yen per diaper.

Genki diapers feature the Japanese character Anpanman and his friends. The diapers have different designs that I have photographed below. The front of the diaper is marked with まえ (front), and the back is clearly marked with tape which you can use to wrap up the diaper for disposal.

Front and back

Front and back

- cute Anpanman design
- there is a wetness indicator on the diapers
- very soft materials with a looser waistband


- I have not seen these diapers in a lot of places, so they might be harder to buy if you don`t live near a big baby store like Nishimatsuya.

Aiden is a big drinker, and usually goes through a lot of diapers each day. During our use of Genki diapers, we had only 1 or 2 leaks or overflows (at night only). For that reason, and the fact that they are super soft, I might use these diapers again!

*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


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