The great Japanese diaper review : THE END

So after 6 weeks of reviewing different diapers, we have come to an end. It was fun actually, and I am glad I did it.

There are probably some brands which I didn`t test, but that is because they are not available widely (like supermarket brands).

I want to write a little conclusion and give a price comparison so you can choose the best diapers for your child.

**note I chose to list the prices from Amazon Japan because the prices at drugstores etc. vary so much. You might find that diapers from your local drugstore or baby shop are cheaper, so please shop around. 

Amazon Japan also has a program called Amazon Family which lets you accumulate points from baby products and get coupons. You can also receive discounts on diapers, wipes etc. You can find the details here (Japanese only).

Below you will find : Diaper name, link to the Amazon Japan product page, the price per pack and per diaper, and a photo of the front of each diaper.

MERRIES -here (a pack of 56 diapers is 1499yen which is 27yen per diaper)


MAMY POKO -here (a pack of 34 diapers is 928 yen which is 27 per diaper)

MOONY -here (a pack of 56 diapers is 1397yen which is 25yen per diaper)

GENKI -here (a pack of 42 diapers is 1380yen which is 33yen per diaper)

GOON -here (a pack of 58 diapers is 1479yen which is 26yen per diaper)

PAMPERS -here (a pack of 64 diapers is 1580yen which is 25yen per diaper)

And all of them photographed together... you can get a bit of an idea about the materials and relative size;

Most expensive = Genki

Cheapest = Pampers and Moony

Softest = Genki, Merries and Moony are all very soft ♡

Least soft = Mamy Poko

My NEW personal favorite = Goon!! (the one with the most stupid name!)

* This series of reviews was not sponsored, all opinions are my own.


  1. Thanks for this review! I use the Pampers brand, because I can get them at Costco. But I was wondering about others. So thanks a lot!


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