So kind :)

I know I sometimes complain about life here in Japan... well that`s because it is difficult sometimes, and people are rude sometimes, and the weather is bad sometimes, much like life in any country!

But today I had an experience that left a huge smile on my face.

As Aiden and I walked around the neighborhood getting some fresh air, a nice elderly gentleman greeted us and told us to wait as he had something for Aiden. I wondered what it could possibly be (as we don`t really know him, apart from the odd `hello` here and there), but he came out with this...

It is an origami (folded paper) model of a samurai helmet. It is about 10cm high and is in honor of Boy`s day (or Children`s day / こどもの日) which happens in May. 

Many homes have huge, and very expensive displays like this... (I found it here on Rakuten for over 200,000yen!!)
...but because we live with MIL we don`t have one yet (no space!!).

The one I received today is the perfect size and is so cute, so intricately made.

What a lovely gift!!!! I hope my flustered `sumimasen` and `arigato gozaimasu` to the man conveyed my happiness!!


  1. What a very heartwarming story!! I tend to forget that good things happen here also!


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