Kids things we love 24m+

Thought it was about time to do another one of these posts (last one at 14 months!).

The things we use almost everyday are shown below. These are things that Aiden uses by himself or that I use with him. If available to buy online (in Japan), I have included a link.

The Ergo... yip still `wearing` him down for naps every day...

His 4-in-1 Radio Flyer tricycle. We recently removed the guards and just use the straps to hold him in place (pic doesn`t show the guards).

The Ipad mini. We have lots of toddler-appropriate games as well as the in-built camera which he loves.

Cars (Disney Pixar)

Cars 1 DVD
Cars 2 DVD

Mack Hauler - He loves loading up all his mini cars and driving them around. Great storage item too!

Cars panorama pit - although he has ripped off all the stickers, it is great fun racing the cars down the spiral ramp. He also learned to say the words `too big` after trying to squeeze big toys through the race gates!!


Old, New, Red, Blue! Level 1 reader
Race Team Level 1 reader

Letter Factory (LEAPFROG)

Wiggles: Here Comes the Big Red Car

Other things he loves are...

the Chuggington magnet book (which I bought from Tsutaya but you can get it on Amazon here.

and his Leapfrog `My Pal Scout` which you can connect to your computer and customise, so that it will say your child`s name and favorite things. Very cute!

How about your toddler? What are his/her favorites?

* This is not a sponsored post. We bought, used and loved all of these things on our own!

{Note: some of the links used are part of an affiliate program and I will receive a very tiny commission if you purchase them.  I promise to never recommend anything that I don’t own and love.}


  1. Thanks for an update! Some of these items look like they will be great for my daughter~hope all is well!


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