Craive hair salon in Shinsaibashi (Osaka)

I decided to switch things up a bit and found a new (to me) hair salon in Shinsaibashi which advertises English speaking staff. It is named Craive New York.

I used their online booking form (here) and then called them a week later to confirm. The girl who answered the phone spoke Japanese initially but when she found out I was not Japanese, she surprised me with VERY fluent English.

The salon is located very close to exit #3 of Shinsaibashi subway station. It is closed on Mondays but open from 11am til 8pm on other days.

The staff asked me lots of questions about my hair, what I wanted to have done, and how much of a style change I wanted. It was really busy and there were 5 or 6 other women having their hair done at the same time as me (3 foreign women!! and 2 japanese).

The whole process (cut, color, highlight, blow-dry and flat-iron) took about 3 and 1/2 hours, and I was pleased with the result. I forgot to take a pic the same day it was done, so this is the next-day version hehe :)


  1. Who did you get at Craive? I've had Keiko before and she did a good job.

    You look mysteriously beautiful in your photo!

  2. Cool Fran, I go there too! Although not since having baby Sara, I haven't found the time yet. Ahh. This is a good reminder for me to try to get back in soon though so thank you! :-) My friend Darlene originally recommended this salon to me years ago! And I've run into several mutual foreign friends while there like Lisa, etc.
    The owner is this cool older guy who often brings his well behaved little dog in too. haha I usually got him but sometimes got a nice younger guy too whose English is also really good as he spent a lot of time in the states (his dad is a hairstylist too.)
    Anyway, "welcome to the club"! hehe xoxo


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