A very uneventful week here, with nothing interesting to report :( 

Although it was Easter Sunday yesterday, the whole thing is a total non-event in Japan, and I couldn`t even find any decent Easter eggs. I finally found a box of chicken and egg shaped choccies which Yoshi and I demolished while watching a DVD (Premium Rush) we rented on Saturday night.

It will be my birthday tomorrow, and Aiden`s on the 8th, so we do have a more interesting week to come.

I am also planning to try out a new hair salon on Wednesday, so will write about that, and let you know what I think.

Here are a couple of pics of curly bed-head Aiden...

Happy Monday :)


  1. Happy Birthday, Fran! I ordered chocolate gold bunny's etc., for Easter off of the Lindt Japan site here:
    Super yum and fun! Cheers...xoxo

    1. Thanks Angela! I will definitely check out Lindt next year. If I can wait that long!! haha. Thanks for your birthday message too, and looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday!


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